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Dedusting capsules and tablets: Capsules Deduster VCD 100


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  Dedusting capsules and tablets

Capsules Deduster VCD 100

Capsules Deduster VCD 100Compact, movable, the TECHNIlab capsules Deduster VCD 100 has the ability to elevate product (up to 2400 mm).

Thanks to its new concept of screw made of nylon fibers, you can easily validate the cleaning. The quality of manufacture of the screw ensures the absence of vibration.

The VCD 100 can also be equipped with a metal particles detector and/or an empty capsules eliminator.

Effective, the VCD 100 can dedust up to 500,000 capsules per hour.

Capsules Deduster VCD 100

Capsules Capsules Capsules

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